Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford

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Brian Rosborough: Hi, my name’s Brian Rosborough and I’m the Senior Executive Officer of the Brantford Campus of Wilfred Laurier University. Our students in Brantford come from, about 30% from the GTA, another 40% from the surrounding area, including Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford and Haldimand County.

Our goal here is to be very much a part of the Brantford community. So we started of small in 1999. Now we’ve got 18 buildings, new and repurposed buildings in the downtown. We want to be very much a part of the downtown so that when you visit downtown Brantford, you’re in downtown Brantford but you’re also at the heart of Laurier campus.

We’re very keen to ensure that downtown Brantford is a destination. Not just for our students, but to the greatest extent possible, you know a revitalized community, because that’s where our students want to study. We want to create a sense of place that’s welcoming to students, that will continue to attract students from the GTA, from the surrounding communities and having a downtown that has been revitalized, a downtown where there’s activity, that’s where students want to be. It’s where our faculty want to be, it’s where staff want to be.

Much of what we’ve accomplished here in Brantford is due in large measure to our partnership with the City. They’ve been here with us every step along the way from providing the first building - the Carnegie library. They’ve supported our steady growth here in the community and they continue to support us today in the projects that we are undertaking now.

We really are working together to make Brantford a destination for university and college students. A place where they’ll have a terrific academic experience and hopefully remain behind afterwards and become a part of the community.

It’s an easier lifestyle. It’s a less expensive lifestyle and we move at our own pace here which isn’t slow by any means but we understand and we really appreciate the ability to be able to kick back, relax after work. The trail system, the river, within five minutes you’re into rural areas; you can be into the small towns around us. It is what makes Brantford unique and the people who are moving here are loving being here.

Click to view Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford video on YouTube.com