OLG Casino Brantford

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Dan Gall: I’m Dan Gall, General Manager of OLG Casino Brantford. We’re a one stop shop for our entertainment seeker in the sense that you can come out for a great dinner, you can play some tables, you can play some slots, you can have some camaraderie with your wife or significant other or friends.

We’re the local casino where people know each other and our people, our employees know our customers.

When we started off in Brantford several years ago we were able to attract a large amount of people that wanted to come into a brand new industry that we were bringing to Brantford. On top of that, most of our employees are still here. They’re day-oners which is just I think it says a lot about the city itself and the company OLG itself.

Brantford’s a great fit for OLG for a variety of reasons. One - the population of the size of the town is a great fit for the full service casino that we are offering. On top of that the amenities that the city offers our employees and our customers is an attraction unto itself as well.

The City has been wonderfully representative in promoting not only OLG Casino but working together as a community with all the stakeholders in play in the Brantford area, that it is definitely a win, win situation for all involved.

I think the mere growth of what’s been happening with the City of Brantford has been nothing but positive. You see that with the Laurier University. You see that with the all the construction and the further development of the city going on. So as far as OLG Casino Brantford is, I think that it is in great shape for the future in moving ahead with our interests as well as the City’s. The City of Brantford does well, our business does well, it’s as simple as that.

Click to view OLG Casino Brantford video on YouTube.com