Mott Manufacturing in Brantford

We manufacture laboratory furniture for the hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies around North America and globally.

We’re located here in Brantford and we’ve been here for over 50 years.

My name is Ed Seegmiller, I’m CEO of Mott Manufacturing here in Brantford.

We’ve been manufacturing the steel furniture for hospitals and such since 1963.

We started out down by the railway tracks in a 48,000 square foot facility. Today we export all over the world and we’re currently in a facility that’s almost 225,000 square feet.

We have a total of over 300 people in our facility and probably just over 200 are in the factory and over 100 are in the office.

A lot of our employees are 20 plus years of service and they understand the product, they understand our industry. They understand how important it is to be customer focused.

It is very difficult to find good employees and over the years we’ve, you know, consistently been looking, and we find them. There’s a skill set that’s required to run our equipment and we have been able to find the people we need here in Brantford.

Quality is critical in our industry. We make extremely high quality products. We’re ISO certified, and we use the best equipment. We have Salvagnini processing lines which are extremely accurate and extremely efficient as far as bending the metal, and it makes a difference.

That’s where it all starts.

It’s a competitive market, but being located in Brantford we’re able to compete. We’re close to our markets, shipments will finish at the end of the day here, it’ll go on the truck, it will run over night, and it will arrive on the job site first thing in the morning.

From a logistics point of view, we sell a lot into the east coast in the US, so we have Buffalo as a crossing, and when we’re going west, we cross in Detroit.

We have a strong relationship with the city. We first started interacting with the city back in the early 2000’s when we were looking for this facility. We bought a 5 acre lot. When we laid out the new building on the 5 acres, we realized there was no room for expansion, so we had to phone the city back, and we ended up buying the 12 acres where we are today.

Had we been in Toronto, there’s no way we could have afforded the land that we were able to buy here.

Our people are really our strength. They allow us to continue and to be competitive, and make a quality product.

We’ve grown immensely here in Brantford over the last 20 years and its the team that is responsible for that.

As long as we continue to stick to our core values of the quality product, and delivery, and good price, we will continue to grow.

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