Millards Professional Chartered Accountants in Brantford

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Dan Cleary: Accounting can be dry and maybe uninteresting but the success of our clients is not.

My name is Darin Cleary, I'm a partner at Millards Chartered  Professional Accountants in Brantford.

We provide a wide range of accounting, auditing and assurance services to the area. Our scope is mainly southwestern Ontario. We do quite a bit of work in the GTA area. We like to think that we are more responsive than some of the really large firms.

We have 15 partners and approximately 60 staff in our Brantford office. We're not too big that we don't offer personal service but we're big enough that we have separate tax departments, we have IT support, we have valuations, we have forensics that we offer to our clients with all the while still being able to have a one on one personal approach.

The City of Brantford is critical to our success. In July of 2006 we completed the construction of our new building, which we are very proud of. We are very proud to be in the downtown core.

I think everybody's happy that we stayed here. I know that the city and the downtown is happy that we built this building here. For us, allowing us to get all of our departments under one roof and allowing the interaction of the staff was paramount. We find the staff are very happy to be in this location. They shop, they eat downtown and we had hoped that when we stayed here because we really wanted to be a big part of the rejuvenation and I only see that getting better in the future.

The city is doing a wonderful job of attracting new businesses, new manufacturing, new corporations to the city.

We consider our dealings with the City of Brantford to be a partnership. They are a client but they're also a community partner for us. We do a lot of charitable work with the city and in conjunction with the city. Something we are very proud of and something we want to continue in the future.

We have a wonderful staff at this location and not only from their professional abilities as accountants, what I'm really proud of is seeing the staff work in the community. We like to promote community involvement. It's not something we have to promote very hard with this group.

I'm often surprised when I walk in the front door and I see a cheque presentation that the staff have taken upon themselves to raise funds for the community, to get involved in the community.

We certainly hope we set an example for that but they've really taken that and run with it.

We need to give back to our community. We're from this community, we live in this community. We believe it is the secret to our success and we're very, very proud of the sponsorships that we give and the support we give back both to the city and to the community.

We've gone through a great period of growth in the last five years and we attribute a lot of that to the growth of the city and the work that the city has done in attracting new businesses here.

We expect that to continue. We expect to service the city and surrounding area and we're quite excited about it.

We've been in Brantford since 1920 and we plan on staying in Brantford forever.

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