Hematite Manufacturing – Pavaco Products Facility in Brantford

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John Pavanel: My name is John Pavanel. I'm the President of Hematite Manufacturing. We're an automotive parts manufacturer. We do acoustic components for interior applications, and we do underbody components for exterior applications.

The business started - my father was a chemical engineer that worked for BF Goodrich and decided he wanted to do something on his own. One of the development projects was with Ford Motor Company and it was to recycle trim scrap from interior components of the vehicles. Ford Motor Company was landfilling 20 million pounds of scrap. There wasn't an environmental cause to find a solution to that. The Township was simply running out of space to bury the stuff, so it was an opportunity for us.

We have always been a big part of recycling. So here in Brantford we do compression molding, as well as vacuum forming. Two disciplines that create these underbody components that are truly under the vehicle or are in the wheel well area of a car.

Brantford has been, from an investment standpoint, a win-win for us. When you look to establish a tier 1 facility in the automotive industry, you do it for long term. The investment in the facility itself is significant, the investment in the equipment is significant, and the major investment is in the people. So when you pull all that together, you really take time to look at where that long-term investment location is going to be.

Brantford just represented too many opportunities. The location is ideal. We've got Toyota in Cambridge, we've got, in Oakville we've got the Ford Plant, and we've got the CAMI plant just down the road, and Honda's not that far away either. For our customers that recognize more and more the cost of logistics, the Brantford location has been really good. Good support, good talent pool as far as people go, that's what we look for, and it has just met the bill.

The city's been very supportive, and that's refreshing. As we build jobs here we've gotten economic support. Enterprise Brant has been a great group to work with. It's been a really positive experience. Today, we have over 100 employees here and that will continue to grow.

The opportunities are growing significantly day to day, but we also like our footprint geographically. We're a Canadian company. That's where we got our start. This is home for us. Brantford is now key to us. We think that's a great footprint to support Ontario and Ontario assembly plants, and all around, it's just a good place to come to work - to do business.

Click to view the Hematite Manufacturing – Pavaco Products Facility in Brantford video on YouTube.com