GreenMantra Technologies in Brantford

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Karlis Vasarais: We are a cleantech company that transforms recycled plastics into industrial waxes.

My name is Karlis Vasarais. I'm the vice president of development with GreenMantra Technologies. We're located here in Brantford, Ontario.

The wax world is, unfortunately, a fossil fuel dominated industry. Today, almost 97% of the waxes out there, which makes up a 10 billion dollar market, is made solely from crude oil, natural gas, or coal. What GreenMantra is coming to the table here, is with a wax that is made entirely from a recycled raw material, so that we can offset the fossil fuel needs of the wax markets.

The technology was brought to Canada in 2010, and at that point we selected Brantford as a location to build out the technology from a lab scale, to a bench scale and finally, to a demonstration scale.

We needed a group of people that, first of all, knew extrusion, which is how to use plastics, and we also needed people who understood the chemistry of what we were trying to accomplish.

We needed a location that was in proximity to universities, and all sorts of colleges. Brantford was a great location, because we knew it had a great population that has manufacturing experience as well as many skilled trades, which is what we need for our company.

Well, we benefited from Brantford in several ways. One is, we actually found an existing space which had most of our needs. Not only did it have the great electrical connection, which we need for our facility, but it had affordable space, and the right size space for our facility.

When we were working with the city on the project, they were very engaging when it came time to permitting. They are also very engaging to help us find additional support at the provincial and federal level. We recently just closed a 17 million dollar financing to increase our production here at Brantford, and the support that the council gave us along the way was - it was instrumental in helping us achieve our financial goals.

Today we are already actively selling our waxes into the shingles market, into the asphalt markets, into the coatings markets, and into the rubber markets.

We ship in by truck, and we ship out by truck, but in reality we are also right on a rail line here, and as we grow we will actually be using the rail corridor to ship our products into the US.

Over the past 2 years, we've scaled up our process and we've effectively shown that our waxes are as good as the fossil fuel based waxes.

The people that work here believe in what we're trying to do, and what we're trying to do is to make better and efficient use of recycled materials as well as reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

The future for this company is looking great.

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