GIZEH Packaging NA Inc. in Brantford

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Ralf Jung: My name is Ralf Jung; I am from Germany basically from the area of Cologne. Together with my wife Jacqueline, I own a group of plastic converting companies in the food service business.

The company started in the late 20s. We started in Brantford about a year ago and the plan is slowly growing step-by-step developing the North American market, or at least a part of the North American market, Canada and the US. from this site. Brantford specifically is quite well located between the borders of the US and Toronto so in terms of logistics, it’s very well situated.

The City welcomed us in a very, very friendly way and made it easy for us to find a good location and a good opportunity to start our business. The staff we got into within the factory was very well educated and the first steps were very easy for us. The team is very, very engaged.

The processes in Brantford are very business friendly so these companies that are coming in from Europe that might not know, we’re walking them through the process, we’re taking care of everything, we’re dealing with the levels of government. Our desire, our job, is to get these companies functioning as quickly as possible within our community and make it as pain free as possible.

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