Extend Communications Inc. in Brantford

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Scott Lyons: I’m Scott Lyons; I’m President of a company called Extend Communications here in downtown Brantford. We’re a telephone answering call centre, an outsource call centre company so other organizations will hire us to man their telephones, maybe man their emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or whenever they’re not able to do it themselves.

In the call centre business, I mean our staff are our biggest asset and we have to put a lot of resources into staff. You know we spend well over 60% of our revenues on staff. We really want to keep our employees at the top of their game, make sure that they enjoy their workplace and they’re comfortable here. We’ve got all kinds of personal space for the staff and they really love it.

You know what? We’re in the telephone and customer service business and when you are talking to somebody on the phone you can tell if they’ve got a smile on their face or not and we want people to know that our staff sure do.

We had sort of made our decision that we wanted to invest downtown and I guess when rumour sort of started to get out that we were going to be relocating here the City actually approached me and said, hey Scott, we hear you’re thinking of investing a lot of money in a new building and fixing it up, we’ve got programs, we’ve got grants and incentives for you to help you improve the building and we really want to work with you cause we’re excited.

The City, the Economic Development Department, the Downtown BIA which is an independent group but they’re all very, very proactive and everyone’s excited about Brantford downtown.

There’s all kinds of stuff to do here in Brantford, The river is a great resource for canoeing. It’s one of the best fly-fishing rivers in all of North America. We’ve got a great trail system for hiking and biking and there are all kinds of events and special things going on all around the year. Harmony Square is a great new resource downtown and it’s a great place for staff to live and it’s a great place to raise a family.

We are within an hour's drive of an incredible amount of population but with the 403, access to the 401, highway access, rail, even access to airports, everything that you need by way of transportation for business is readily available, it’s right here. And we are better situated than any other city in southwestern Ontario guaranteed.

Click to view Extend Communications Inc. in Brantford video on YouTube.com