Brantford Brant Chamber of Commerce

Brantford Brant has a very active Chamber of Commerce, both through the membership and it’s staff. The Chamber of Commerce Brantford Brant is a culmination of member businesses in the area. We strive to be the collective voice for business.

Names like Waterous, Cockshutt, they were all members of the board, and they joined together as entrepreneurs and businessmen in the community looking to create a unified voice that couldadvocate both on a provincial scale and a federal scale.

We try to be an avenue for members to come together with one unified voice to get their issues across. We play into a lot of the policy developments on both provincial and federal level, and at the same time we are able to leverage those relationships for our local members.

We’ve got Chamber staff out in the community on a regular basis identifying the needs and wants of our membership, and really thats what drives that advocacy agenda.

We have a small but nimble staff at our Chamber of Commerce led by our CEO Charlene Nicholson. They are an amazing staff and we continuously have rave reviews from our membership about the services they provide, the information they can provide, and the various benefits that they help our membership leverage.

Our Chamber of Commerce funds a number of events throughout the year. Our premier event is our Business Excellence Awards which is held annually. These awards ceremonies are by far our highlight through the year, it’s always a sellout, and it really helps promote and celebrate our member businesses here in our community.

We are very involved with the city of Brantford. We work well both with council and with staff. We’ve been asked to hold many positions on various committees throughout the community, Economic Development being one of them.

The Chamber of Commerce has a long history of being downtown Brantford. Although our membership boundaries stretch far beyond downtown and even the boundaries of the city of Brantford, it’s always been a hub for business activity and the vast majority of our membership population wise is derived from within a few kilometres of our office.

Everybody who volunteers with the Chamber, and even our Chamber staff all work locally, and all have vested interest in the community. The Chamber has been very proud to be part of the downtown rejuvenation thats been happening here. Through the University of Laurier, the other educational institutions that have helped provide the improved infrastructure and attract some of the residences back here that have got businesses interested in the core again. It’s a great thing to see and a great thing to be a part of.

The hope for the Chamber of Commerce is that 150 years from now it’s still existing, it’s still promoting the same goals and missions it is today. We strive to make this a better community for our membership and therefore it’s employees and owners to live and play in.

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